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Thunder Football (through the AYL) now offers a NEW Rookie Tackle Football Program. This program has been designed as a bridge between Flag football and our traditional competitive tackle football program.  The RFL is focused on grades from 1st through 3rd only, provides full tackle experience, and is limited to 8 players per side and smaller roster sizes.

We are focused on teaching teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership in a physical education program that is fun and promotes a lifelong love of the game of football!

Features of the new RFL:

  • 8 players vs 8 players

  • Rosters limited to 16 players

  • Equal play required!

  • No Special Teams play, kick offs or punts!

  • Play on a 60 yard by 40 yard field (same as 4th grade)

  • Games are 20 plays per quarter at 1st & 2nd grade, 22 players per quarter for 3rd grade

  • Coaches on the field for both offense and defense

  • No Blitzing allowed

  • Full run and pass offenses allowed

The elimination of Special Teams play improves the safety of the game by removing the potential of long runs with two players colliding at high speed for the tackle.  The establishment of equal play provides the best possible development aspect for players new to tackle football.  In fact our AYL RFL will require the specific players must play an entire quarter, both as offense and defense, before any substitutions are allowed!  The more repitition in actual game plays helps to advance specific skill development in all positions of the game.

The season runs from August - Mid November with practice starting in July. The AYL does not schedule around Fall break, Labor Day, or family vacations.




The AYL RFP Football Program is for ages 6 to 8, grades 1st through 3rd


Grade/Age Determination



Or Max Age Prior To June 1st










Players will be placed on rosters for their grade for the active season.

Divisions will be grade and age based. 

No play downs are allowed within the AYL RFL program unless there is a specific petition presented by the Member Club and said petition is based on sound medical or developmental reasons.   Any player who was previously rostered on an AYL team one grade below that player’s school grade, may petition the Board  to  move  to  that  players  school  assigned  grade  level. This must be petitioned yearly.  

Any parent, player, relative or coach who alters or modifies official documents such as birth certification, report cards, etc., to play out of the player’s true grade will be suspended for one (1) calendar year. Re-entry into the AYL for those violations will require a majority vote of the Board


For the complete AYL RFL Football Rule Book click here


AYL 2022 Rookie Football Rules FINAL.docx (live.com)


Littleton Youth Sports requires a BIRTH CERTIFICATE, PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN WAIVER & MEDICAL RELEASE to be signed prior to registration completion and player participation.